The Real Reason We Use Toilet Paper

With the rush on toilet paper, a few weeks later my brain went into investigation mode. Toilet paper is actually a very modern invention so what did people use before AND why did this product become a staple in our lives so quickly? Turns out, there was actually ONE change in society that truly sparked toilet paper becoming big. One reason we switched over so fast.  So grab a (toilet?) seat and discover:  A definition of toilet paper that had me laughing so hard   What the wealthy Romans used (that sounds like a modern, sustainable, hipster product)   Why the first TP entrepreneur got a bit screwed in New York City The #1 reason toilet paper ACTUALLY got big in America How the first “toilet paper rolls” got marketed for big sales A controversy almost EVERYONE has around toilet paper even subconsciously, including you The amount in sales of bidets have gone up during the pandemic The percent of the world’s population who actually uses toilet paper *it’s NOT what you think*  I would be so honored for 2 minutes *if this resonated* if you’d PLEASE:  Share the episode and your feelings on it via Instagram *tag @allisonevelyn_* Post a review here so we can keep bringing more real, screw the fake fluff content For more about the podcast + episodes: 

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