The Shocking Evolution of Cups & Panties (Menstrual Marketing: Part 2)

In Part 1 of Menstruation Marketing, I shared the outrageous *but really though* history of pads and tampons. The second period revolution is also incredibly startling and needed its own episode. While there was a big shift to tampons in the 1980s and 1990s, it’s not until recently that menstrual cups and period undies have become truly visible in the market. Why is this?! Grab your favorite cup (of coffee? Or hey, any other kind of cup) and join me for learning:  How an invention 150 years is ago is only NOW showing up for women The surprising role an American actress played in a now-modern period invention The bonkers, hilarious theory an ancient philosopher had on how to “stop menses” *it involves your boobs* What tactics menstrual cup companies are using to overcome objections *and stand out from competitors* The *honest* way I first heard about menstrual cups Why Thinx is not the only period panties brand yet most people know their brand above anyone else How brands with period panties are thinking outside the box with other related products *and how to do the same with YOUR business* A controversial marketing campaign nearly banned by NYC Transport in 2015 Shocking scandal around a massive company I had no idea happened The hysterical way I FINALLY tried menstrual cups *involves a SF Target* I would be so honored for 2 minutes *if this resonated* if you’d PLEASE:  Share the episode and your feelings on it via Instagram *tag @allisonevelyn_* Post a review here so we can keep bringing more real, screw the fake fluff content For more about the podcast + episodes: 

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