The Truth About Excuses and What You’re Capable Of, w/ Susie Moore

This is a raw conversation with a globally renowned powerhouse woman. In our chat, the incredible Susie Moore’s an open book on her past and criticism she’s facing *gasp* right now.  And yes, she’s a literal open book because her game-changing, new book is out: Stop Checking Your Likes.  In this chat, access a sneak peek into insights from this Earth-shattering life coach, columnist and author, who is a contributor to the Today Show, Oprah, Forbes, Business Insider & more. (Also seen in Oprah, Marie Claire, the BBC and beyond, she KNOWS what is up.)  You’ll hear Susie’s stories that sound like TV drama, show why no one has excuses and how you can work past anything & find your worth. Pop in those earbuds and join the conversation with this incredible author (who has 71.9K followers AND so really knows the power of STOP checking likes). Discover:  Susie’s belief: That capacity is a state of mind Why Susie feels boundaries can limit creativity The reason Susie believes there aren’t real excuses, even if you’ve had a hard past Criticism Susie’s receiving right now, especially around her book *and why she’s launching anyway* From Susie living in shelters & growing up on welfare to a divorce in her early 20s, why order can come from chaos A lot of men didn’t like she was still happy with her divorce and how she navigates other people’s opinions Her #1 rule for getting new stuff *from posts to books* into the world (it’s only 2 words) The post she wrote in 45 minutes, hungover, that ended up going viral If Susie’s brand was a designer, the brand she’d be Her favorite word *that WE ALL NEED RIGHT NOW*   FOR MORE OF SUSIE MOORE AND TO GET THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK:  THE BOOK ->  Instagram Susie’s Website

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