You DO NOT Need to Niche, w/ Kristen Edwards

For years, coaches told Kristen Edwards she had too many passions, needed to focus or “just follow your passion”, but none of this advice felt right.  Kristen has her Masters, years in the corporate world and was a high-end wedding planner and wanted to bring all parts of her into 1 kind of business. She KNEW it was possible.  After years of exploring what it means to combine all the gifts and desires you have, Kristen’s discovered how to build a powerful business where she does ALL the things she loves - while changing women’s lives forever.  You are going to learn SO MUCH from this episode it’s unreal. If you want to stop hearing “you need to niche”, listen to this incredible soul, Kristen, share:  How a background in the corporate world and wedding planning led to her dream coaching business The difference between multi-passionate and being confused about what you do Why you should “Do what you love for a year” How to go from feeling “all over the place” to a cohesive business incorporating all parts of you How Kristen changed her niche slowly vs. 1 big announcement The truth about what brings clarity     Kristen’s proven 3 step plan to create your dream business and conduct a pivot   How to bring your personality into the TYPE of business model you have *that most people aren’t told to do* The simple way Kristen created the name for her coaching framework *brilliant for ANY service provider* The personality test many entrepreneurs have never done *and Kristen swears by* In the surge of conversation around racial injustice, Kristen was incredible enough to (¾ into the conversation) share what it's felt like with people turn to her For people just awakening to the racial injustices, a really important message Kristen shares specifically The real meaning of the word passion *I had NO idea*  FOR MORE:  Website: Kristen Edwards Kristen’s Instagram Focus & Fulfilled FB Group

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