Bravo Over Boys

Still Thinking about Bolo's Third Arm.

av Bravo Over Boys | Publicerades 2/26/2021

Instagram has been a great way to chat about Bravo but it's been even better for meeting hilarious people. My friend Care joins me today to talk about the man of the hour...Bolo, the Below Deck reunion you've probably already forgotten about, and an EPIC dating story.  I've dated MANY people in my life but never have I dated someone who was on Vanderpump Rules. Care is here to give us her first hand experience on what it was like "dating" one of LVP's SUR minions and it's exactly what you think it would be like.  Can't wait for you all to listen :)

Om Podcasten

Instagram’s @blocked_by_jax takes her Bravo commentary, and dating stories (or nightmares) to podcasting! Listen to her and her guests talk about single life, unforgettable dates, and everyone’s favorite channel...Bravo!