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44. Juliet Stevenson’s Mission to Put Women’s Poetry Centre Stage

av Break Out Culture With Ed Vaizey by Country and Town House | Publicerades 6/27/2021

Juliet Stevenson on her film on Stevie Smith and the Ledbury Poetry Festival, Camilla King on the Cheltenham Music Festival and digital artist Philip Colbert on launching Lobsteropolis in Decentraland with Simon de Pury auctioning his NFT work with DEVO Subscribe to our Newsletters Follow Country & Town House on Twitter Follow Country & Town House on Instagram We’re going to: The Ledbury Poetry Festival 2nd to 11th July https://www.poetry-festival.co.uk We’re buying tickets to: Watch Juliet Stevenson present Dead Poets Live’s film on Stevie Smith 7 pm on Sunday 11th July https://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/events/juliet-stevenson-presents-stevie-smith/ We’re going to hear: Dog Poems! With Matt Black 11 am to 12 noon, Sunday 11th July Cheltenham Music Festival We’re going to: Cheltenham Music Festival 2nd to 11th July https://www.cheltenhamfestivals.com/music/ We’re logging into: Decentraland to see Simon de Pury auction the NFT art work by DEVO and Philip Colbert at the Lobster Land Museum to celebrate the opening of Lobsteropolis https://decentraland.org Edited and Produced by Alex Graham

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