Söndagar Break Out Culture With Ed Vaizey by Country and Town House

Episode #27 - We Go Futuristic!

av Break Out Culture With Ed Vaizey by Country and Town House | Publicerades 2/28/2021

Ed and Charlotte talk with Ewan Morrison about his new blockbuster thriller set in 2025. Plus the RSC reimagining Midsummer Night’s Dream for future audiences and the Museum of the Home explores how our homes will change after the pandemic. We’re reading: How to survive everything When there’s no-one left to trust by Ewan Morrison We’re visiting  The Museum of the Home, due to open May www.museumofthehome.org We’re bidding at the Museum of the Home’s Behind the Door Auction to win beautiful items and experiences from leading UK designers and creatives. https://www.museumofthehome.org.uk/join-and-support/behind-the-door/auction/ We’re booking: RSC’s production of Dream Friday 12th March to Saturday 20th March www.dream.online Edited and Produced by Alex Graham

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Country & Town House’s culture editor, Ed Vaizey, and associate editor, Charlotte Metcalf discuss the week’s cultural offerings with a brilliant edit of what you should be watching, reading, listening to, booking and visiting each week. Their roster of high profile guests adds illuminating insight to the current cultural landscape.