Breaking Britain: A Podcast about the Politics of a Disunited Kingdom

The Citizen State: Identity and Power in Welsh Politics - With Roger Awan-Scully

av Breaking Britain: A Podcast about the Politics of a Disunited Kingdom | Publicerades 3/4/2021

In this episode, recorded on 8 February 2021, we explore how tensions over the unity of the British state have affected debates over power and identity in Welsh society. With its own legislature, language and party landscape, Wales has evolved a unique political culture whose internal evolution has become increasingly affected by debates over independence and the role of the EU in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.To explore the transformation of Welsh politics, we've been joined by Professor Roger Awan-Scully. Through his work as Professor of Political Science at Cardiff University and Chair of the Political Studies Association, Professor Awan-Scully has developed fascinating insights into the power dynamics around the politics of devolution and identity in Wales as well as the United Kingdom as a whole. In ground-breaking studies such as  Representing Europe’s Citizens? Electoral Institutions and the Failure of Parliamentary Representation in Europe, Wales Says Yes: Devolution and the 2011 Welsh Referendum and more recently 'For Wales, do not see England: An analysis of the 2017 General Election', he has explored the pressures on the UK Union in fascinating ways that can help place accelerating political change in Wales in a wider historical and global context. The background music is by Through the City by Crowander, and the production for this podcast was by Daniel Mansfield.   

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Breaking Britain is a podcast produced by the Europe's Borderlands Research Group at the European and International Studies Department in King's College London. Hosted by Russell Foster and Alex Clarkson, it will explore the pressures unravelling the unity of Britain and reopening the future of the island of Ireland in a European context. In each episode we will discuss the challenges reshaping a disunited kingdom as well as a wary republic with scholars and commentators who can provide expert insight into political faultlines within the nations of Britain and the island of Ireland.