Breakup Recovery Podcast

#111 How To Stop Holding Yourself Back And Find Happiness After Your Breakup with Michelle Chalfant

av Breakup Recovery Podcast | Publicerades 12/15/2017

Michelle Chalfant believes your limiting beliefs and the false stories that your tell yourself after your breakup can hold you back from recovering and finding happiness again. When you are going through a breakup you experience a lot of emotions such as shame, anger and sadness. Most people are not good at feeling their emotions, instead they use vices that distract them like drinking, going out or finding other things to do so they don’t feel and process their feelings.

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It’s never easy when you are going through a breakup, separation or divorce. Breakups can leave you feeling sad, angry, lost, alone and anxious about you’re future. Breakup Recovery podcast is a mixture of practical tips, ideas, and strategies from myself, experts and real people with real stories so people can begin their journey of recovery after their breakup’s. Further information available at