Breastfeeding from an OB's Perspective

This week the doctor is in the house! Dr. Matthew Saidel is here to tell us all the things we should be asking about breastfeeding well before the baby comes. Most moms forget to talk to their OB’s about breastfeeding and it’s not that surprising if you think about it. Being pregnant takes up a lot of mental space and it’s hard to get focused on anything that comes after labor and delivery. But here at Nest Collaborative, we are huge advocates of prenatal planning for breastfeeding because once the baby is born, a new momma who has already done her breastfeeding homework is much more likely to have a positive experience. So what should you be asking your OB now during your pre-natal checks? What planning and prep can you do to get on the right track for the best possible breastfeeding journey? Let’s find out. This episode features Dr. Matthew Saidel, Chief Medical Officer for Women’s Health USA, the country’s leading physician practice management company dedicated to women’s health. A special thanks to IBCLC's Christine Bracken and Lou-Ellen Saidel for their invaluable expertise that was utilized during this episode.

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Hello mommas and mommas-to-be! Welcome to “Breastfeeding Unplugged”, a podcast dedicated to helping moms navigate the tricky world of breastfeeding. Our goal is to deliver women just like you all the info you need to make sure that you feel confident about your breastfeeding journey. Your host is Amanda Gorman, the founder of Nest Collaborative, a virtual lactation consultancy working with breastfeeding moms all across the globe. Check us out and discover real conversations with the best experts in the business to make you feel supported and most certainly not alone. Let's get listening!