Everything You Need To Know About The Latch and the Hold

Our topic for this week is something that’s absolutely crucial to successful breastfeeding, yet completely mystifying to most new moms. Today we’re talking about the latch and the hold - two terms that you might not have heard of until just recently, if at all. These actions are the ties that bind momma and baby from day one. So how can something so simple and natural be so complicated at the same time?When you feed your baby for the first time, two things will effectively make things easy or hard. The first is how your baby latches or holds onto your nipple with his or her mouth while feeding. The second is the hold - the way that you position your baby so feeding is comfortable for both of you. As you probably guessed, feeding your baby is going to become a very consuming part of early motherhood, so nailing the basics is key. That's what we are going to help you do today.We are thrilled to welcome our guest Leah Tribus to the show. Leah is a Virginia-based IBCLC with Nest Collaborative and a registered nurse. She has worked with moms and babies for 17 years, focusing on lactation for the last eleven. We look forward to having you join us for today's show mommas!

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