Pumps 101

This week we are unlocking some of the mysteries behind one aspect of new motherhood that can be completely overwhelming and, for some, downright freaky. Welcome to the wonderful world of breast pumps! First, let’s take a look at some numbers. If you think you’re the only one with pumping on the mind, you’re wrong. Breast pumps are a $1 billion dollar industry with 85% of breastfeeding women using one at some stage of their journey. While the whole concept of pumping feels completely foreign at first, it’s something most of us have to get used to, and quickly. Pumping is crucial for working moms who need to feed baby while juggling their 9-to-5, and even stay-at-home moms like the convenience of pumping to both keep a supply at the ready and hand off a bit of the feeding responsibilities to their partner. So to pump or not to pump and how do you even get started? We have a lot of questions and I’m sure you do too so let's jump right In with our expert, Robin Williams of Bosom Buddies, a Denver-based company that rents and sells breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies for moms all over the country.

Om Podcasten

Hello mommas and mommas-to-be! Welcome to “Breastfeeding Unplugged”, a podcast dedicated to helping moms navigate the tricky world of breastfeeding. Our goal is to deliver women just like you all the info you need to make sure that you feel confident about your breastfeeding journey. Your host is Amanda Gorman, the founder of Nest Collaborative, a virtual lactation consultancy working with breastfeeding moms all across the globe. Check us out and discover real conversations with the best experts in the business to make you feel supported and most certainly not alone. Let's get listening!