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Brilliant Perspectives

Joy Is An Eternal Environment

av Brilliant Perspectives | Publicerades 12/24/2019

In the Kingdom, the entrance of Joy increases our spiritual, mental and emotional capacity to receive God’s presence in a way that places us above difficult circumstances.

No one can take your joy from you, but you can surrender it by not understanding its power.

Joy transforms our own internal atmosphere in times of fear, distress or uncertainty. It connects us to God’s eternal environment of Joy in a way that impacts our external circumstances.

During this holiday season, discover the power of joy to transform your life and the lives of everyone you encounter.  

May your Christmas experience be full of Joy.

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Graham Cooke, an author of 20+ books & sought-after speaker, has been a much needed guide beyond the religious norms and into a personal & dynamic relationship with God. This podcast is an invitation to explore some of the more radiant and lesser known perspectives of the Christian faith.