70. Leadership is a lot of work! A look into how EQ and employee engagement go hand in hand (w/ Christine Wzorek)

Leadership is an incredible amount of work. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, plays a major role in Employee Engagement - and vice versa. This episode I speak with Christine Wzorek about how EQ and Employee Engagement go hand-in-hand.   Christine Wzorek is the Founder and CEO of White Label Advisors, a strategic direction firm that modernizes business constructs to incorporate human intelligence into early business development. Named a Human Capital industry “Disruptor” in 2019 by Utah Magazine, Christine Wzorek has disrupted and redefined how Human Capital works within the framework of modern business by modernizing companies like SABCA, Gobeckli and Dwelo.     Known for making bold moves to shake up the Industry, Christine has sat in numerous COO positions for AI, Human Insights, & Predictive Analytics organizations helping to consult their growth as we shape a new future of HR.    Connect with Christine here:   https://www.whitelabeladvisors.com  linkedin.com/in/christinewzorek  https://www.christinewzorek.com   Don't forget to rate, review, and subscribe - and share this episode!    Connect with Traci here: https://linktr.ee/HRTraci    Sign-up for Human Times Newsletter: https://industryslice.com/subscribers/dbc8cfad-6689-4447-aeb1-9bd98d0a2b61?rh_ref=f00c86a3    Traci has been selected to be a speaker and panelist at the Hacking HR 2022 Global Online Conference! Register to join for FREE from March 7-11, 2022: https://www.hackinghrlab.io/46     Disclaimer: Thoughts, opinions, and statements made on this podcast are not a reflection of the thoughts, opinions, and statements of the Company Traci Rubin is actively employed by. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hrtraci/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hrtraci/support

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