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Talking TV #92: The State of Reality TV

av Broadcast: Talking TV | Publicerades 3/10/2017

This week, we shine the spotlight on the reality television and take a close look at Franco-British relations. We speak to Ross McCarthy, founder of Gobstopper Television and creator of MTV’s forthcoming Charlotte Crosby series Just Tattoo of Us. Also, Samuel Kissous, founder of French production company Pernel Media joins us to explain why he’s launched a British operation. In the news this week, we head to Jerusalem, where major US media giants including Fox, HBO and WME have signaled their intention to tap into the UK’s “producing voice” as they move towards a new era of transatlantic co-productions. International editor Manori Ravindran, fresh off the plane from Israel, tells us what went down at Keshet’s INTV conference and what the US firms are looking to do over here. We also look at a potential second series of The Night Manager as well as Fox’s abandoned plans to remake Luther.

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