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Brother: 12 - Freemasonry 101

av Brother. The Masonic Podcast. | Publicerades 2/26/2021

In this episode, we're going back to basics, asking the big questions we wanted to know before we became Freemasons. If you've EVER thought about becoming a Mason, or have questions about what it's all about, what happens in a Lodge and what you need to do to join, this is the episode for you! Plus, we also consider renaming the podcast and Wine of the Week is back, albeit slightly different to usual! Remember, you can listen back to all our previous episodes and watch the recordings at and don't forget to Tweet us, @BrotherMasonic

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Welcome to Brother. The Masonic Podcast. This podcast is here for everyone - let's answer some questions, pose a few more - and hopefully just have some fun discussing one of the world's oldest, and most talked about organisations!