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Metisphere - Shane Anastasi

av Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle | Publicerades 5/15/2020

Shane Anastasi witnessed first hand the difficulty of effectively building new skills in employees while running his consulting firm. Seeing other solutions on the market continue to come up short, Shane is using Bubble to build Metisphere, an app-based learning environment utilizing behavioral psychology to effectively train people to perform better and faster. Tune in and see how Shane's platform allows teams to track, measure, and verify the learning process, all without code. Listen to more of Bubble's No-Code Hustle series: http://podcast.bubble.io Learn more about Bubble, the leading no-code visual web editor: https://bubble.io Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bubble Read more no-code stories, get insights on entrepreneurship and helpful tools: bubble.io/blog Learn more about Metisphere: https://metisphere.com/

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