Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle

Piershare - Jonathan Timianko

av Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle | Publicerades 5/28/2020

In this Episode of the No-Code Hustle, we catch up with Jonathan, Founder of PierShare, the first ever secure platform for renting private dock spaces, boat lifts, and mooring buoys. Jonathan shares how even the simplest of concepts, a platform for docking boats, is actually a very technical process involving multiple factors beyond simple scheduling, and how Bubble's power lies in the rapid changes you can make to an app based on user feedback, refining your user experience through rapid user testing. Listen to more of Bubble's No-Code Hustle series: https://podcast.bubble.io Learn more about Bubble, the leading no-code visual web editor: https://bubble.io Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/bubble Read more no-code stories, get insights on entrepreneurship and helpful tools: bubble.io/blog Learn more about Piershare: https://piershare.com/

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