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av Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle | Publicerades 5/7/2020

In an unlikely journey from environmental engineer to founder, David Pal shares how he caught the entrepreneurial bug and fully embraced the power of Bubble to take advantage of a gap he saw in the market. Join us on Bubble's No-Code Hustle as we discuss making the leap into entrepreneurship, using Bubble to accelerate your product development, and navigating the co-founder relationship when your partner is a software developer and your product is built without code. Listen to more of Bubble's No-Code Hustle series: podcast.bubble.io Learn more about Bubble, the leading no-code visual web editor: bubble.io Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/bubble Read more no-code stories, get insights on entrepreneurship and helpful tools: bubble.io/blog Learn more about Switchboard: https://switchboard.media/

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