Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle

TravelTrunk - Maryssa Salomon

av Bubble Presents The No-Code Hustle | Publicerades 4/15/2020

Maryssa, Founder & CEO of TravelTrunk, shares her unconventional no-code journey and how perseverance paid off in the end. In this episode of Bubble's No-Code Hustle, we hear about the the incredible highs that come with having great customer satisfaction and the hard lessons that every founder learns about marketing a brand new app. Listen to more of Bubble's No-Code Hustle series: https://podcast.bubble.io Learn more about Bubble, the leading no-code online business builder and web editor: https://bubble.io https://twitter.com/Bubble https://bubble.io/blog Learn more about TravelTrunk: https://traveltrunk.co/ https://www.instagram.com/traveltrunkco

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