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Are There Too Many Copywriters?

av Build Your Copywriting Business | Publicerades 2/10/2021

You’ve probably heard us say before that there is so much more work that requires good, skilled copywriters than there are good, skilled copywriters to take on all that work. It's never been more true. And no matter how long we have this company, and no matter how many copywriters we train, that will remain true. Why? Because there are SO MANY companies and organizations out there. And copy is essential to ALL companies and organizations. Nicki and Kate break down the numbers on today's episode to demonstrate the simple fact that it is basically near impossible for there to ever be too many copywriters. Related Links The Very Common Assumptions That Will Cut Your Copywriting Business in HalfWill the Market Be Flooded with Copywriters?Our 2020 Roundup of Books Copywriters Will Enjoy --------------- Get Free Copywriting Training here

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