#42: Tim Schurrer—How to Keep Your Team Focused On Your Big Goals

Are your employees always busy, but your business still doesn’t seem to move forward? Do you feel like you’re always stuck micromanaging? Without a management and execution system, this is the arena you can expect to play in. But if you want employees who are focused, productive, and happy in their jobs, then today’s conversation is for you! Donald Miller and Tim Schurrer, Vice President of Talent Management and Culture at Business Made Simple, coach you through the simple but effective management and execution framework you need to empower your employees, stay out of the weeds and leave you feeling confident as a leader knowing your team is tracking toward your big goals.   Get access to the upcoming Business Made Simple Live Coaching event: Management & Execution: Master a Simple System to Manage Any Team on Thursday, October 21 at 10a (CT). Just go to BusinessMadeSimple.com and register now! After signing up you’ll also get access to all of our on-demand business courses as well as our other monthly live coaching events. If you know you need to get serious about management and execution but aren't sure where to start, this live coaching event is for you. Go to BusinessMadeSimple.com and register now!   --   If you need help assessing what’s wrong with your business, you can hire a Business Made Simple Certified Coach at HireACoach.com. We certify the best business coaches in the world who can help you figure out exactly what’s wrong with your business then give you the tools you need to fix it. Just go to HireACoach.com today!    Every week on Business Made Simple we help you discover what’s wrong with your business then show you how to fix it.

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Welcome to the Business Made Simple Podcast where we coach you to build your business like an airplane. The cockpit is your leadership. The body is your overhead. The right engine is your marketing. The left engine is your sales. The wings are your products and the fuel tanks are your cash flow. If you build the six parts of your business correctly it will fly far and fast. Every week we help a business owner just like you optimize their airplane.