The co-parenting, working mum and dealing with death chat with Lou Teasdale

This week on Bump, Georgia chats with hair and make up artist to (among many others) One Direction and Instagram style icon, Lou Teasdale. Lou and Georgia have a very frank discussion about co-parenting, being a working mum on tour with the biggest band in the world, and how Lou explained the death of a close friend to her daughter, Lux. They also discuss posting their kids online; why they do, when they do - but more importantly, when they don’t.  It also gets a bit Northern so brace yourselves! Check out Lou on Instagram @louteasdale. The Bump! podcast is brought to you by Ladybird Books. Ladybird publishes playful books for little hands. From touch-and-feel books to bedtime stories, Ladybird helps 0–7s to learn, play and grow.  Check out their range of gorgeous new books at”

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