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134: The Orange Thread with Martin King

This week, I'm speaking to Martin King who is an Architect and the Practice Leader of Douglas and King Architects. Douglas and King grew up in Shoreditch in East London, in a time before it was the uber-trendy design fashion capital location of East London. They were actually one of the architects that were responsible for contributing to a lot of the locale's growth. Many of Douglas and King's early clients were not sophisticated developers that were buying up land in Shoreditch, but actually, they were laypeople and landowners of underdeveloped properties and semi-derelict warehouses. This created a unique opportunity for the practice in helping develop their design agendas, their expertise, and how they can best be serving these lay developers, and very much put the architect in the driving seat at the front of the project. Currently, they work with more large housing developers, more sophisticated clients, large city owners, and they maintain that client base of lay landowners and private sector developers. In this conversation, Martin and I discuss the evolution of Douglas and King Architects. We talk about what Martin calls the "orange thread,' which is the architect's involvement from start to finish of a project. Martin also discusses how to align high-quality design work, business agendas of our clients.   THIS WEEK'S RESOURCES Access your free training at If you want to speak directly to our advisors, book a call at Know more about Douglas and King Architects Martin's LinkedIn  

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