Episode 5: Interview with artist Tomas Vagner on going after your dream, getting rid of limiting beliefs, staying productive and the importance of community and talking about what you do.

In this episode, I talk to Tomas Vagner, Swedish artist who creates abstract, over-sized paintings with a style that he himself describes as raw and powerful.

Before dedicating himself to his art full-time, Tomas worked internationally with advertising, graphic design and illustrations. For many years, being an artist remained just a dream for Tomas. But 1,5 years ago, something shifted, and he made the decision to commit fully to his art.

We talk about what holds us back when it comes to going after what we really want, and what happens when we make a conscious decision to take our dreams seriously. Tomas tells us about how the shift from employee to artist has affected him. He also shares his thoughts on how to stay creatively productive and the importance of finding habits that work for you.

Like most business owners, Tomas is on a continuous path towards refining his ideal client, his price strategy and his communication. He shares openly how old, limiting beliefs can still affect him, and what he does to move past them. Being part of a community with like-minded artists is key for staying motivated and productive, says Tomas. He encourages creative entrepreneurs to dare to talk to others about what they do. Not only is it key for marketing and selling your art, it’s also vital for building your confidence.

If you want to learn more about how to build an authentic business as a creative, then this episode is for you!




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Tomas Vagner

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