2022 Recap

This year was absolutely crazy and we’re so excited to talk through it all with you. Through a pregnancy, getting sued, hiring our first employee, come talk and hang out with us! Sign up for happy high ticket designer here: https://10kgirlgang.com/hhtd-registration Connect with Carli Anna at… www.carlianna.co www.10kgirlgang.com instagram.com/carlianna_ https://www.tiktok.com/@carlianna_

Om Podcasten

I'm Carli Anna, a brand designer & educator. I created this podcast because I'm honestly a little over the "how-to" podcasts for small biz owners because everybody's businesses are so different from each other. Instead, we're going to be sharing stories, relating with you on hard experiences (we've all been there), and just HAVING FUN! The perfect podcast for those who both love & hate running their creative business. email us hello@carlianna.co if you want to share a story or have a question!