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52: Gillian Rightford

av Call To Action | Publicerades 12/11/2020

We’ve laid the Table (Mountain) with a bountiful Binet and Field feast to snare Cape Town’s creativity champion and industry agony aunt, Gillian Rightford, this week.  Gillian is Founder of Adtherapy, a management, skills development and communication consultancy ridding the world of bad ads using her simple equation; Better skills = better relationships = better results. Previously, Gillian honed her craft at agencies across South Africa, culminating in an impressive stint as Group Managing Director at Lowe Bull.    In this episode, we tuck into tasty topics like why loads of creative work is so mediocre, tips for marketers and agencies to get the best out of each other, the Bill she can’t live without (clue: it’s either Bernbach or tong?), the importance of account leadership, creativity, risk, cats, astrology and loads more. Go forth and gorge.   ///// Follow Gillian on Twitter  And on LinkedIn  Check out Adtherapy   Watch The Cracks in Things Let the Light Shine In on ISOLATED Talks   And here's her talk from Nedbank     Gillian’s book recommendations are: Anything from the BBH World Cup of Advertising Books The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton  Drive by Daniel Pink  Madison Avenue Manslaughter by Michael Farmer  Delusions of Brandeur by Ryan Wallman  Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman  Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott  The Anatomy of Humbug by Paul Feldwick  /////

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