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Beat Discernment Overwhelm! Which Religious Communities Should I Visit?

Never be overwhelmed by discerning religious life again! In this Q&A episode, follow this simple method to narrow down your search from the entire universe to the communities you're going to visit in person. Questions for journaling included in this episode: Do I see myself in a cloistered or an active community? Why? Is wearing a habit as part of religious life important to me? Why? Do I want to travel and serve in many places, or would I prefer to stay in one location? (I included this one because certain orders may station you around the world in several different convents!) What are my unique talents? (If you don’t know, think about what people often tell you you’re good at, or what people often ask you for help with.) What forms of prayer am I most attracted to- charismatic praise and worship? Rote prayers like the rosary? Lectio Divina? Who are the particular groups I feel called to serve? (The elderly, homeless, mothers in need, children?) Where do my gifts particularly shine? (teaching, nursing, cooking, writing, hospitality, etc?) What service experiences have I found most satisfying in the past, and why? When I envision myself in religious life, what do I picture myself doing? Are there any particular orders whose spirituality I’m attracted to- Dominican, Carmelite, Franciscan, etc. Questions for Zoom conversations: What do you love about your life? What does the schedule of a normal day look like? What do your community members do for fun and recreation? What’s the story of your founder? What do you most love about your charism? Resources The God's Adventure Awaits Summit: 40+ Talks on Vocation and Catalog of 56 Religious Communities and Mission Organizations (Get 50% off using code DISCERNMENT50) Vision Vocation Network Matching Quiz This episode is sponsored by Chews Life Rosaries. Get 10% off their Christmas in July sales happening NOW using code CAFFEINATED10 (please note, this code doesn't apply to 1-day sales, but will apply to everything else!)  

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Hearing God's calls for our lives isn't always easy. How do we interpret and understand what God is calling us to, both in our vocation and in other life choices? Join Stacey Sumereau on coffee dates with Catholic friends for insight and inspiring guidance. Stacey toured with Broadway shows before finding out that her dreams weren't making her happy. Her discernment of her future took a radically different turn when Lifetime documented her journey on the reality TV series "The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns." Since then she hasn't stopped searching for God's will! More on discernment at Original music by JF Church.