How Churches Can Do Worship Better with Dante Bowe and Kristene DiMarco

av Called | Publicerades 3/4/2020

On this special episode of Called, we discuss the future of worship in the church from two perspectives—those of pastors and those of worship leaders. Mars Hill Bible Church Formation & Preaching Pastor Ashlee Eiland joins our panel to discuss creating diverse worship experiences, and Bethel Music’s Dante Bowe and Kristene DiMarco also open up about the theology of worship, how worship is changing and where it is going.

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From the makers of RELEVANT magazine, Called is a podcast for church leaders featuring conversations with influential pastors, thinkers and leaders. Each week, we’ll be tackling issues that people in ministry deal with on a daily basis—from soul care and protecting our leaders’ marriages to looking at the art of the sermon to navigating politics in the pulpit and more.