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Passport to the pub? And why's the UK compromising in EU vaccine dispute?

Will you really need a passport to go to the pub? And why is the UK compromising in the EU vaccine dispute?
The ITV News Politics Podcast discuss all the key vaccine developments and call Robert to get his take on Boris Johnson's latest strategy, plus - away from the pandemic - why Home Secretary Priti Patel's plans to deal with migrants appear to raise more questions than they answer.Meanwhile, Shehab is humbled by Daniel's jaw-dropping reporting on atrocious housing, the team react to Robert's all-singing-all-dancing TV turn (as Daniel shares the moment he and Robert united over Meatloaf) and everyone offers poor silent producer Lewis their remedies for coping with a nasty cold.If you're new to the show, subscribe! If you like what you hear rate us five stars to spread the word.

Om Podcasten

Daniel Hewitt and Shehab Khan from the ITV News politics team chew through the week's big UK political stories and give Political Editor Robert Peston a call from wherever he is to get his take on it all. We'll also be talking to special guests from the world of politics and beyond - and hear from ITV's political correspondents based around the country to find out what's happening beyond the Westminster bubble.