Sustainability and Local Government. Cabinet Lead for Climate Change and Sustainability RBWM - Donna Stimson

The Government has made significant commitments to meet global sustainable targets, daily we hear of a new scheme or initiative that helps the UK move towards providing solutions around climate change and a more sustainable future. But what role does local government play in supporting businesses and constituents at the coal-face (no pun intended!). In this podcast we hear first hand from Donna Stimson, passionate environmentalist and Cabinet Lead for Climate Change and Sustainability in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. Filled with honest and practical advice (and inspiration) - Tune in to hear about how local government and government align - and some of the initiatives, support and advice that will inspire you . For more information about Heal Rewilding visit Enjoy the podcast - and any comments, questions, ideas, suggestions… get in touch. Due to the COVID19 situation, our podcasts are currently being recorded purely via online conferencing platforms, we apologise for any minor sound quality issues.

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Can Marketing Save the Planet? It’s a big question, and one our podcast sets out to explore with marketers, senior leaders, CMOs and sustainability consultants and experts. Our purpose is to drive education, share best practice, inspire and empower listeners to ask questions and importantly… start taking action. Sitting at the heart of brand, communications, stakeholders and product development, marketers have a significant role to play when it comes to promoting and driving sustainability. As marketers and business leaders developing and marketing products and services, we need to recognise that we’re part of the problem. In an age of growing authenticity and consumer demands for more transparency, it is more important than ever for brands to communicate their responsible and sustainable practices, to stand up for causes they’re passionate about and importantly, follow through on the promises they may. In our view, there’s no one better placed to effect change, align with and influence customers and drive hope for a better, more sustainable future, than an 'educated and aware', responsible marketer.