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Hector (Vatos Locos)

This week I am joined by someone who I love and admire very much, Hector. With more than 20 years of experience in music behind him, Hector has recently started a new project called VL Camp in which attendees will learn and work side by side with different professionals in the music industry. From building a brand to career management, new tools and techniques, production masterclasses and more, Hector has built VL Camp with the aim to share all of his knowledge and experience with others. We talk about the camp itself and the importance of sharing music, knowledge and experiences, how having his full record collection stolen actually turned out to be an amazing story, starting Vatos Locos and how it has grown to what it is today and more! More info on VL Camp here:

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Katie Knight digs deep into the lives of artists, managers, label managers, publicists, club owners, tour managers, promoters and more, to find out more about how they started out in the music industry, challenges they’ve come across, achievements, opinions, goals and stories that they’ve made along the way.