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#32 - Mistakes Were Made (But Did Anyone Learn Anything ?)

av Cannabis Investing Network | Publicerades 2/20/2020

In this episode we go over mistakes we made in our cannabis investing decisions and how we've improved our game since.

This is especially important as we are seeing investors repeating the same mistakes.

- Where did we go wrong? The importance of humility and continual learning

- Checking your ego at the door on the way up

- Investors are not learning - same mistakes are being repeated

- Deals "priced to perfection" - investors not getting paid appropriately for uncertainty

- Relying on headlines and "experts" for information (which is inherently biased)

- Getting information from online echo chambers of cheerleaders (weak surface level due diligence)

- Not actively seeking out negative or contrary opinions

- Investing on hype and potential rather than fundamental prospects

Forward Looking: What if Bernie Sanders wins the election? Discussing federal legality

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