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#35 - Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt in Cannabis + The Canopy Problem

av Cannabis Investing Network | Publicerades 3/11/2020

In this episode we explore the irrationality and panic which has pummeled stock markets and absolutely brutalized cannabis markets.  We also something of a market update where we discuss news on Canopy, Cresco, Village Farms and the Florida Market.

- What happens when there is a panic and a "rush to the exits"

- What we are seeing in the market today

- Does the market know more than you? 

- Don't expect the market to act rationally in the short-medium term (eg. VFF settlement)

- Several overhangs which will create drag for cannabis investors

- Canopy shutting down 2 BC greenhouses

- Cresco President abruptly "resigns" (bad sign!)

- How bad were Tilray Earnings (hint: really really bad)

- Florida House looking to cap THC at 10% for under 21 patients

- 2 questions to ask yourself before investing in cannabis today

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