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#36 - Investors PANIC over Corona - How Worried Should You Be?

av Cannabis Investing Network | Publicerades 3/17/2020

In this episode we do a 180 on coronavirus and admit how we underestimated the virus and its potential to completely turn our economy and life upside down. We dig into how markets are reacting, how bad it is going to get and how this will ultimately affect broader markets and of course, cannabis investing.

- We were 110% wrong - here's what we underestimated

- The Shutdown: stopping the virus means pausing our economy and way of life

- Mass extinction event now applies to many small business outside of cannabis

- How bad is this? How long will it last?

- Predictions: How will government support business and households?

- Is this a 30 day event? Or a 6 month event? What happens if it goes longer than we think?

- How will cannabis behave in a shutdown? Will consumers buy online?

- Weed Stocks in a corona era - how will they behave? Who will win?

- Should investors open their wallets or proceed with caution

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