Living Your Purposeful Life with Sean Higgins

In this episode with Sean Higgins, we talked about what led him to write his book: Living Your Purposeful Life and about the Morning Calm Meditations that he started a few weeks ago to help people during #stayathome. We also talked about how this is a good time to practice going inward. Most of us were raised in a society that encourages productivity and do, do, do. And here we are a time of global shutdown. It has disrupted our daily routines and given us a chance to pause and reflect on our lives. To practice going inward.Sean is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Herjavec Group in Canada. He is also a certified coach.From the book description of Living Your Purposeful Life: "As part of the process, many of us forget what we came into this lifetime to experience. In Living Your Purposeful Life, I am going to share my journey and, I hope, that through my sharing, you are going to start questioning how you are acting, what you believe, and who you should be and on the other side, you will start Living Your Purposeful Life." Link to Morning Calm Meditation Recordings (FREE):

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