Womb Wisdom with Sabine and Shuntena

Welcome to the podcast Carving a New Path:Episode Sixteen: Sacred Geometry with Sabine Kruse In this episode, Andrea Hylen, Sabine Kruse and Shuntena have a conversation about womb wisdom and birthing new projects or ideas from the womb of creation. Enjoy the activation of your light body and inner light with the help of the sacred geometry “Homo Luminus” and a Cosmic Connections transmission.  From Sabine: Homo Luminus: contains Pyramid Consciousness and forms a luminous pentagram just like our bodies.We are shifting from “homo sapiens” to “homo luminus”. This sacred geometry called “Homo Luminus” supports you in activating your light body and your light from within.  Activation of Homo Luminus in us: Go into the zero-point. I invite you to energetically step into the heart of the “Homo Luminus” sacred geometry symbol, asking it to activate itself and rotate and spin within, around and through you with the intention of supporting you in activating your light body and your inner light. Breathe and let the energies do their work.Can you see, sense, feel or know how layers of light open within your body like doors? SHUNTENA’s TRANSMISSION - Listen to Podcast Womb Wisdom Webinar with sacred geometry and sound transmissions starting on May 5  2022.  Please contact per e-mail at joyfulshuntena@gmail.com and/or sabinekruse99@gmail.com for registration and further information!    Womb Wisdom Webinar (WWW) Framework:• Receive your own personal sacred geometry and Cosmic Connections transmission connected to your intention • Engage in 5 weekly webinars with a small group of 5-10 women• Opening event on 5/5/22; webinars on Sundays (8 May - 5 June 2022) at 11am PDT/2pm EDT/8pm CET via zoom (90m)• Receive 5x2 sacred geometries, 5 audio transmissions, 5 webinar replays, etc.• Daily inspirational prompts, Q&A   BIO and Links: Sabine Kruse was born in Germany. As an economist, Sabine worked for over 20 years in the area of development cooperation, designing and managing projects that improve the living conditions of people in developing countries. In this context, she lived and worked in Africa for 3 years and travelled to many African and Latin American countries. She speaks four languages fluently. Since 2010, she has embarked on a spiritual journey, exploring her inner realms and soul through meditations and spiritual programmes – propelled forward by her curiosity to comprehend the purpose of life and her desire to contribute to creating a peaceful, free and abundant world.In 2015, Sabine discovered sacred geometry. She started receiving information during meditations on how to use certain geometric shapes and forms to shift the underlying energetics for everyday issues to bring about the desired transformation. These insights and short practices are the basis for her book on practical applications of sacred geometry soon to be published.Sabine lives in Germany and Spain.As text underneath video/audio: SABINE KRUSE is an activator of human consciousness, and, through her writing, coaching, and workshops, she assists people in embracing their highest potentials. Sabine worked for 20 years as an economist devoted to improving the living conditions of people in developing countries. Eventually she realized that raising our vibration and consciousness is the most effective way for us to have a real impact in the world. With her deep understanding of sacred geometry, she inspires and empowers people around the world to see their true natures and create their best lives. Connect with Sabine:https://www.instagram.com/sacredgeometryexperience/ Shuntena was born in Thailand and moved to the US at the age of nine.  She speaks three earthly languages and a multitude of Soul Languages.   Having lived life filled with childlike curiosity, some of her experiences include:Bachelor degree in PsychologyMaster degree in TeachingBlack Belt in TaekwondoFood Research & DevelopmentQuality Analyst and Assurance  She is a Cosmic Shaman, a spiritual

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