Casefile True Crime

Case 123: Mark Kilroy

av Casefile True Crime | Publicerades 9/7/2019

21-year-old University of Texas student Mark Kilroy was excited about Spring Break. 1989 had been a busy year for the pre-med student and he was looking forward to some downtime before taking his upcoming Medical College Admission Test... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host ( Episode researched by Erin Munro  Episode written by Elsha McGill and Milly Raso ( Creative Director: Milly Raso ( This episode's sponsors: Quip ( – Get your first refill pack FREE with a QUIP electric toothbrush Function of Beauty ( – Get 20% OFF your first order of fully customised shampoo Calm ( – Get 25% off Calm Premium subscription A Life Lived ( –  From Muhammad Ali to Carrie Fisher, hear how the lives of the biggest stars were truly lived For all credits and sources please visit (

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