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Training your cat with Jackson Galaxy

av Catexplorer Podcast | Publicerades 3/8/2020

Jackson Galaxy (aka The Cat Daddy) is the host of My Cat from Hell, a 2 times New York bestselling author and an all-round advocate for cats. He shares his thoughts on the fundamentals of training our cats, exploring with them and the impact of seeing cats through dog coloured glasses. See the show notes here: To find out how to leave a review see here: Join the Catexplorer Community Facebook Group here: What we talk about: • What is Cat Mojo & Raw Cat [2.33] • Difference between a cat cave vs a cacoon [3.43] • How to tell if your cat is using their backpack or stroller as a cave or a cacoon [5.54] • How to use the challenge line to help our cats if something scary happens during catexploring [7.19] • Helping our cats through trauma [9.46] • How to try new catexploring activities [11.12] • How to recognise a healthy challenge vs a stressful challenge [14.02] • How to tell if our cats are enjoying themselves [17.48] • How humans can move our own internal challenge line to help our cats [19.05] • What to do if your cat is too confident while catexploring [21.10] • Managing separation anxiety in cats [24.38] • How to calm our cats down when they become stressed [30.41] • Is there a thing as too much enrichment [33.35] • Looking at cats through dog coloured glasses [36.41] • Jackson's thoughts on the catexploring movement [39.36]

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A podcast for owners who explore the world with their cats by walking them on a leash, biking while their cat rides in their backpacks, eating brunch with their cat at the local café & even traveling in a kayak with their cat. We'll be diving into the tips & tricks you can use, helping you find where to go, sharing war stories, celebrating the wins, laughing at the horror experiences & the funny moments that have been part of your journey.