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Cattitude - Episode 109 Coronavirus and Your Cat

av Cattitude - Cat podcast about cats as pets on Pet Life Radio ( | Publicerades 3/19/2020

Are your cats at risk? Can they get the Coronavirus or spread it? Viruses are usually unique to each species and it is unusual for a virus to jump between species. It's very unlikely that household pets like dogs or cats will transmit this Coronavirus to people and there is no evidence at this point that dogs or cats will become ill from this disease,” said Dr. Dana Varble, NAVC Chief Veterinary Officer. “There is no cause for alarm, but it is smart to skip the face kisses for now and wash your hands and face regularly after being with pets. Always include your pets in your emergency preparedness plans. Michelle Fern talks to Dr. Varble about how this virus can or cannot affect your cat and what you can do to keep your kitties safe.

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