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Cattitude - Episode 132 Tiny Little Furball Kitten Steals Readers’ Hearts in Delightful New Children's Book

This week Michelle Fern chats with children's songwriter and author Devon Michael Sangiovanni who recently published his heartwarming children's book, He Loves Me! He Truly Loves Me! The Story of Mupsie and Me and How We Came to Be! Beautifully illustrated with hand-painted watercolors, “He Loves Me! He Truly Loves Me!” follows a tiny, little, furball kitten with big, beautiful, blue eyes and a heart to match as he waits anxiously to meet the lucky human who will get to share all the love he has to give. As he waits and waits, Mupsie learns that sometimes finding a forever home doesn’t happen so easily. Mupsie’s story showcases how important the presence of love is for all children and how wonderful it is when that love is shared. A book inspired by the author's very own Mupsie, this enchanting story will certainly charm and amuse all who decide to join him on his quest to love and be loved.

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