Singles Club #5

Al, Chris, Nick and Will talk about some new single releases chosen, mainly based on their cover art, from the new releases page at songs reviewed are:Dispirited Spirits: Reverie [Bandcamp]Joywave: After Coffee [YouTube]Holy Hive: I Don't Envy Yesterdays [Bandcamp]Lord Huron: Mine Forever [Youtube]Lana Del Rey: White Dress [YouTube]And we've put together a playlist of songs and artists that are relevant, or perhaps tangential, to the discussion:YouTubeSpotify See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

Will, Nick, Al and Chris invite you into their Music Club as they pick a random year and take a deep dive into one of its albums. Along the way they explore the year’s other musical highlights, discuss what else they’ve been listening to and reveal what they’re drinking. Come on in, you’re on the guest list.We've embraced modernity and are on Instagram - come and say hi!: you can find all our playlists of songs we talk about in the podcast on YouTube. See for privacy and opt-out information.