Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy

Ethics, Technology, and Innovation

av Center Stage: The Voice of The Project Economy | Publicerades 11/24/2020

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the human-technology interface, the value proposition of products and services, and the future of work. This technology, like others, can advance positive or negative social outcomes, but often, the associated ethical considerations are considered lastly if at all. This episode of Center Stage explores a range of the ethical implications as the use of AI in business applications from credit scoring to autonomous vehicles explodes. The podcast also proposes some practical steps organizational leaders can use for developing a framework for AI ethics. Incorporating findings from the most recent The State of AI Ethics Report, Abhishek Gupta, founder of Montreal AI Ethics Institute, and Joe Cahill walk us through examples of design and use cases that reflect that dichotomy of positive and negative social outcomes.

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The nature of work is changing. As organizations restructure their activities around projects and programs during a time of unprecedented change and complexity, they’re also called on to reimagine how problems are solved and how work gets done. This takes a deep commitment to collaboration, empathy and innovation. Through this podcast series, ‘Center Stage: The Project Economy’, PMI presents the real meaning of innovative change, focusing on the strengths of virtual teams and cross-functional project-based work. We’ll help you stay on top of the trends and see what’s ahead for The Project Economy, and your career.