Episode 46: The Prison Episode

Cerise and Vicky do prison movies and try to pretend this is the first time they've recorded this episode! 6:01 - A Hero (2021, Ashgar Farhadi) 23:33 - Le Trou (1960, Jacques Becker) 43:03 - Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion (1972, Shunya Ito) 1:01:56 - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (1983, Nagisa Oshima) 1:18:06 - Con Air (1997, Simon West)

Om Podcasten

Cerise Townsend and Vicky Osterweil are ranking every movie ever made - from every country, every filmmaker, every decade and every *every*. From Paul Thomas Anderson to Paul WS Anderson; from Cannon to Canal+; from movies they can't believe exist to movies that just shouldn't exist. They're going to rank every one of them from best to worst of all time, and they believe that this is an entirely reasonable goal.