Episode 47: The Rom Com Episode

Cerise, Vicky and special guest Sarah Miller spot each other across the room and are immediately flattened by by the moon crashing down upon them and hitting their eyes. Luckily, they had completed an episode about Rom Coms before this tragic misfortune. They will be missed. 6:03 - The Worst Person In The World (2021, Joachim Trier) 24:46 - His Girl Friday (1940, Howard Hawks) 42:20 - Moonstruck (1987, Norman Jewison) 1:00:37 - Sleepless In Seattle (1993, Nora Ephron) 1:21:33 - Down With Love (2003, Peyton Reed)

Om Podcasten

Cerise Townsend and Vicky Osterweil are ranking every movie ever made - from every country, every filmmaker, every decade and every *every*. From Paul Thomas Anderson to Paul WS Anderson; from Cannon to Canal+; from movies they can't believe exist to movies that just shouldn't exist. They're going to rank every one of them from best to worst of all time, and they believe that this is an entirely reasonable goal.