105: Maryam Meddin – It’s healthy to talk: what it takes to make a better life

Michael is joined by Maryam Meddin, founder of The Soke: a new mental health concept integrating mental healthcare, wellbeing, support and performance coaching. Launched last year at the height of the pandemic, Maryam has seen first-hand the impact of COVID disruption on workplace well-being: both the good and the bad. From the isolation of lockdown to the new-found flexibility of remote working, Maryam has helped to identify the challenges and opportunities that come from our new normal, while working to shift the narrative from “it’s OK to talk” to “it’s healthy to talk.” With the values of “responsibility, integrity and creativity” at the heart of her business, and an extraordinary story of personal challenge that came from fleeing war-torn Iran to come to the UK as a child, this is the story of a founder with a view on what it takes to make a better life: both for yourself and those around you.

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