98: Dr Eliza Filby – Minding the generational gap: beliefs, behaviours and how to understand them

This week Change Makers in collaboration with the University of London brings you Dr Eliza Filby, Generations Expert & Historian of Contemporary Values. In this special series with global leaders, writers, and campaigners, we will be reflecting on more than a year of challenge and change as we ask the question: how has COVID changed us? A generations expert and historian in contemporary values, Dr Eliza specialises in ‘Generational Intelligence’, enabling companies to understand generational shifts within politics, society, and the workplace, while looking at how demographic disruption is transforming the world as we know it. From Baby Boomers to Generation Alpha, Dr Eliza examines how the traditional lifecycle is being reordered and remade in the 21st Century: from the impact of us living longer, to what we can expect in the post-pandemic age.

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