Change Makers at 100: a short thank you

Thanks to all our listeners for all of your support throughout our first 100 episodes. It has been an absolute pleasure for us to provide a platform for people with a passion to share their inspirational ideas and insights, in 100 interviews that we hope have provoked thoughts about the world and how we can all make a difference within it. This week, we’ll be sharing a special playlist in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate this milestone, as well as recognising the RPO’s own milestone: its 75th anniversary, which it celebrated last week. Once again, thank you for listening to Change Makers and if you enjoy the podcast, please give us a rating and a review, and follow us on Twitter @ChangeMakers_SH, and on Instagram

Om Podcasten

This is Change Makers – the podcast bringing you ideas, life lessons and amazing stories from those making a difference in extraordinary times.  Powered by campaigns firm Seven Hills and hosted by Michael Hayman, this interview series delves into what makes leaders tick and looks at the contribution this empowers them to bring to the world.  This is the podcast for those who want to hear the optimism that comes from challenging the status quo.  Find your mission.