15 Charlie Tango talk med Mikkel Svane

With a market cap of $ 10 billion, Zendesk might be the most successful Danish digital startup ever. Founded by three Danes in 2006, they have revolutionized how customer service gets handled digitally and made the customers of + 150.000 companies happy. And never has this been more relevant than today where Corona is forcing companies to shift from analog to digital services. What does this mean and how does the future outlook for customer service and communication look? Get a unique chance to hear about this directly from the CEO of Zendesk, Mikkel Svane in this episode of Charlie Tango talks

Om Podcasten

In Charlie Tango Talks I invite the most brilliant digital experts and people I really admire for a conversation about how new technologies impact businesses and how they will change our society. Based on 25 years of experience I still have more questions than answers but my curiosity is intact. The language of my monthly talk will vary between Danish and English.