19 Charlie Tango talk med Christina Boutrup

In a time of upheaval, where our eyes are mostly on the United States and all the crazy things happening over there, we risk missing the development in China, which is going furiously fast in many areas: Electric cars, solar power, financial consumer services, social shopping and AI just to mention a few. It just doesn´t get much attention on our latitudes and it is both a pity and worrying at the same time. Here is your chance to get more savvy on China, when I speak with one of the leading experts in the field Christina Boutrup.

Om Podcasten

In Charlie Tango Talks I invite the most brilliant digital experts and people I really admire for a conversation about how new technologies impact businesses and how they will change our society. Based on 25 years of experience I still have more questions than answers but my curiosity is intact. The language of my monthly talk will vary between Danish and English.